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DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester,1.13-11.30 Nm (10-100
DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester,1.13-11.30 Nm (10-100
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11.28.17 *New Screwdrivers Added to Catalog*
Click here to view the new ESB8 series of cordless inline screwdrivers or click here to view the new CESPT8 series of high-torque pistol grip tools.
2.10.16 *We are in the March Issue of the Assembly Magazine*
Check out the "How to Guide" Digital Edition Here: LINK
"How To Add Cost-Effective Error Proofing to your Screwdriving Application""How to add Cost-Effective Error-Proofing to your Screwdriving Application"
2.2.16 *4-Pack Bundle Promo*
New 4-Pack Bundle PROMO - Offering Great Savings and Value! Discover our Exclusive Promotions available to you. Click here to visit our Promotions Page!
01.19.16. *NEW* Twitter Account
Delta Regis Tools is excited to announce the launch of our  Twitter Account. Please follow @DeltaRegisTools to stay up to date with the latest news and information on our Tools and Products!
12.16.15 -*Happy Holidays*
Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year! Stay up-to-date on New Product Releases for 2016.
11.05.15 -*New* DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester
Now Introducing the NEW DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester. Various models covering a range of 0.11Nm-135Nm.
Click here to view more information.
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40V High Torque Brushless Pistol-Grip DC Electric Screwdrivers

For those applications requiring the benefits of a brushless screwdriver combined with higher torque capabilities, select from the 40V DC models listed below. Torque ranges are available to 18 Nm. All models incorporate a precision shut-off clutch for consistent torque repeatability.

  • powerful, brushless DC motor - no carbon dust
  • excellent repeatability from precision shut-off clutch
  • less heat build-up than conventional brush motors
  • good replacement for pneumatic screwdrivers
  • brushless design = low maintenance
  • CE/RoHS Compliant

Select the model that best suits your requirements below. Click on the model number or 'view' button for further product details and related accessories.

Pistol-Grip 40V Screwdrivers
Model Number Torque (Nm) Torque (In-lbs) Speed (rpm)
CESPT824 0.3 - 2
2.7 - 17.7
1200 / 900
CESPT828 0.8 - 3
7.1 - 26.5
1200 / 900
CESPT829 2 - 5
17.7 - 44.3
 700 / 525
CESP835 2 - 6 18 - 53 1000 / 750
CESP845 3 - 9 27 - 79 800 / 600
CESP855 4 - 12 36 - 106 550 / 410
CESP865 6 - 18 53 - 159 350 / 260

Power Supplies/Controllers for 40V Brushless Screwdrivers
Model Number Description
BECT640HL Controller, Hi/Lo Speed, CESPT824-829
BECT940HL Controller, Hi/Lo Speed, all 40V Brushless
ECT8-SSOB Slow Start/Output Signal, use with BECT640HL/940HL
BECT840-SSO Count/Verify Controller, CESPT824-829
BECT840-SSO-3SL Count/Verify Controller, CESPT824-829
Count/Verify Controller, all 40V Brushless
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