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Power Tool Cables

All Delta Regis low voltage DC Electric Screwdrivers include a 6.5 ft (2m) tool cable to connect from the screwdriver to the controller. Longer cables are available for applications that require the controller to be installed further away from the driver. Please ensure that adequate cable length is selected to avoid the tool cable being stressed during use.

Select the cable which matches the applicable screwdriver series. The list includes cables with detachable connectors at both the controller and screwdriver end. For cables which are hard-wired directly to the screwdriver, please consult the tool’s spare parts sheet for replacement cable information.

Application Tip – Shielded cables (White/Grey colored) protect communication signals from external interference when used with our “SSO” Count – Verify series power supplies and “ECT8-SSO” I/O modules. If you are using any of our standard power controllers shielded cables will work however do not provide any additional benefits and are not required.