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Not your regular Impact!

The ESB4 Series of automatic shutoff impact style screwdrivers combines power and ergonomics with a number of customizable torque settings. With a maximum of 99 x 6 possible combinations, the tool can be dialed in to your specific torque requirement. The high speed helps increase user efficiency, while the settings lock out function helps in preventing tampering. It’s easily programmable with a DR-IRC1 IR remote control, cross-thread & strip-out detection with audible feedback, and its powerful & fast-charging Li-Ion batteries ensure that you’re always ready to get to work.

Application Tip

Due to the nature of all impact style tools, final torque will vary based on fastener size. When choosing an appropriate impact always make sure to take into consideration that the tools maximum torque output is not necessarily what will be applied to the fastener.

Product Name Torque Range Torque Filter Speed (RPM) Weight Drive Type
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44 - 442 in-lbs
(5-50 Nm)
5-15 Nm , 15-20 Nm , 20-100 Nm 0~1900 0.98 kg/2.1lbs
(less battery)
1/4" Hex Drive, 3/8" Square Drive
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177 - 619 in-lbs
(20-70 Nm)
15-20 Nm , 20-100 Nm 0~2600 1.0 kg/2.2lbs
(less battery)
1/4" Hex Drive, 3/8" Square Drive
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177 - 885 in-lbs
(20-100 Nm)
15-20 Nm , 20-100 Nm 0~2000 1.0 kg/2.2lbs
(less battery)
3/8" Square Drive, 1/2" Square Drive
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18.4~147.5 ftlb
(25~200 Nm)
15-20 Nm , 20-100 Nm , 100-200 Nm 0~1700 1.5 kg/3.3lbs
(less battery)
1/2" Square Drive