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The ESB4 Series of automatic shutoff impact style screwdrivers combines power and ergonomics with a number of customizable torque settings.

– Multiple torque settings (99 x 6 possible combinations)
– OK & NG indicators (Sound & Lights) provide instant feedback for cross threading and screw stripping errors
– Use up to 5 customizable program settings in sequence
-Programmable screw counter shows number of screws remaining in batch
-Programming is completed with DR-IRC1 remote control and has the capability to lock settings on the tool to avoid accidental or intentional tampering

Pro Tip – When selecting a screwdriver, try to make sure that the specific torque required for the application falls somewhere near the middle of the tools torque range. For example, if you require a torque of 2.4 Nm (21 in-lbs) pick a tool that has a range of 1-4 Nm (8.8-35.4 in-lbs)