ESB4-SXI-100SQ (Tool Only)
(20-100 Nm)
(14.7-73.7 ftlb)

Application Tips:

Due to the nature of all impact style tools, final torque will vary based on fastener size. When choosing an appropriate impact always make sure to take into consideration that the tools maximum torque output is not necessarily what will be applied to the fastener. Smaller diameter fasteners have more flex and will eventually reach a peak where the impacts administered are no longer tightening the fastener. At this point you will need a more powerful tool to administer higher torque to that same fastener. See curve chart below for a basic guideline of how different fasteners may react. READ MORE

This curve chart is meant to be used as a general guideline for setting the device to your desired torque. Final torque should always be tested with appropriate testing hardware (Torque Tester, Torque Wrench, etc.)

Tightening conditions
Tightening torque will vary, even with the same bolt, according to grade, length, and torque coefficient.
Tightening time
Longer tightening time results in increased tightening torque. Excessive tightening, however, adds no value and reduces the life of the tool.
Different bolt diameters
The size of the bolt diameter affects the tightening torque. Generally, as the bolt diameter increases, tightening torque rises.