Evaluate any Delta Regis Product directly on your Application!

Take a Delta Regis Product for a Test Drive and Judge the Performance Directly on Your Application. 

To arrange for a trial:

  1. Select the product(s) that would be suitable for your application. If your require assistance with product selection, please feel free to call us or send an e-mail to sales@deltaregis.com .
  2. Fill out the Test Drive form below with the appropriate information.
  3. If you are not a current Delta Regis customer, include a customer information form or credit card information with the trial request. Please do not e-mail credit card info – call or fax us with the number.
  4. After Delta Regis accepts and processes the trial request, the product (subject to availability) will be shipped to the specified address via ground service (trial program applies to Continental USA only). If required, expedited shipment is available at the requestor’s expense.
  5. Unless noted, we ship out new product for trial. No invoicing is processed until either the customer advises that they would like to keep the goods or the 15 day trial period has elapsed.
  6. If the product is suitable and you would like to keep it, simply advise us and we will process the billing. If unsuitable, send the product back to our warehouse in the same condition that it was received, freight prepaid.


    Please indicate the product that you would like to try on a 15-day trial basis. We send out new product on
    trial. If you decide to keep the product, we will send an invoice for the goods. If you decide to return the
    product, it must be returned to Delta Regis freight prepaid, in original resaleable condition, complete with
    all accessories and original packaging or a restocking fee may apply. The 15-day trial begins from the date
    of your receipt of product.

    The 15 day evaluation is designed so that you can try the product on your actual application to ensure it is
    correct for your application. It is NOT intended for extended production use. If you require a more in-depth
    evaluation period please contact us to discuss the details. By submitting this form you agree to the
    test drive terms and conditions.