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Screwdriver Holsters

Tool Holster for Electric Screwdrivers

A great alternative for those situations when a tool stand and balancer cannot be used. Keeps your screwdriver at the ready and preserves usable real estate on your work surface.
Please note: There are two selection charts below. Some screwdriver models have two different tool holster choices, depending on whether or not the tool has a torque lock sleeve installed over the torque adjustment nut. Please use the applicable chart to select the proper tool holster.

DR80-TH8M Tool Holster

For CESLT835-875, CESP(T)835-865, CESPT824-829 Series Tools

DR80-TH8-9 Tool Holster

For CESL828-829 Series, CESLT935-955 Series, ESB8 Series, BSP8 Series Tools

DR80-10135 Tool Holster

For ESL302, ESL501, ESL502, ESL503 Series Tools

DR80-20135 Tool Holster

For ESL302 Series, ESL383 Series, ESL384 Series, ESL385 Series Tools

DR80-20141 Tool Holster

For CESL810-812 Series Tools

DR80-20136 Tool Holster

For CESL823-824 Series Tools

DR80-10136 Tool Holster

For CESL823-827B Series Tools