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ESB6 Cordless Shut-Off Clutch Screwdrivers

Add freedom of movement to your assembly process with the new Delta Regis ESB6 Series Cordless Screwdrivers. These drivers utilize the same precision shut-off clutch technology that is the foundation of the Delta Regis Electric Screwdriver product line. High-performance 18V Lithium Ion Batteries provide plenty of power and long run times between charging cycles.

• 18VDC Brushless Motor requires no maintenance
• Precise Shut-off Clutch provides excellent repeatability
• ESB6 Series covers a torque range of 1 – 22 Nm (9 – 194 in-lbs)
• Hi/Lo Speed Selection switch on screwdriver
• High performance 18VDC Li-Ion Batteries (purchased separately)
• Slide switch for selection of Forward/Reverse rotation; clutch operates in CCW direction at approx. 30% higher torque level than CW setting
• Versions available with either internal or external clutch adjustment
• Green/Red LED’s and audible indicators alert operator of proper clutch function at shut-off. A green LED and short beep confirm that the tool has shut-off correctly, a red LED and long beep signal an incorrect cycle
• To conserve battery life, the screwdriver goes into sleep mode when idle for more than 3 seconds
• Front facing LED illuminates fastening area when the trigger is pulled
• Bit holder accepts 1/4” hex power bits; optional square drive available
• LED indicator warns operator of low battery capacity – the red LED will flash when 20% capacity remains and light continuously at 10%
• Charging Station (purchased separately) provides quick recharge time

Pro Tip – When selecting a screwdriver, try to make sure that the specific torque required for the application falls somewhere near the middle of the tools torque range. For example, if you require a torque of 2.4 Nm (21 in-lbs) pick a tool that has a range of 1-4 Nm (8.8-21 in-lbs)