Right Angle Electric Screwdrivers & Nutrunners

Right Angle Electric Screwdrivers & Nutrunners For Sale

Right Angle Screwdrivers also referred to as Angle tools and Nutrunners combine precision automatic shut-off clutch technology and brushless motors with an easily indexable angle head. This allows you to be able to efficiently tighten fasteners in the most hard to reach locations. The right angle design also provides the operator with a long handle to react the torque helping to minimize repetitive strain injury.

Application Tip– When selecting a screwdriver, try to make sure that the specific torque required for the application falls somewhere near the middle of the tools torque range. For example, if you require a torque of 2.4 Nm (21 in-lbs) pick a tool that has a range of 1-4 Nm (8.8-35.4 in-lbs)