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Precision Torque Limiting Electric Screwdrivers

Ergonomically designed and built to last. Delta Regis Tools Inc. has the widest torque range available for precision electric screwdrivers with torque control. Increase efficiency and reduce down time with clean powerful brushless motors. ESD Safe housings available for added protection on electronics assembly applications.

  • 2VDC Premium Brushless models are not much bigger then a permanent marker and are perfect for smaller assembly projects where accuracy is key.
  • 32VDC Premium Brushless models are the true work horse of the electronics assembly industry providing excellent torque repeatability.
  • 40VDC Power Torque models are excellent for high torque applications and are a much more economical and environmentally conscious alternative to pneumatic tools.
  • Explore the benefits that instant data collection capabilities, multiple PLC integration options and exceptional customization can bring to your facility. Take a look at our lineup of Smart Tools.
For any application specific questions please feel free to contact us directly at any time and one of our knowledgeable technical specialists will be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution.