5 Accessories That Help Boost Production and Efficiency

5 accessories that help boost production and efficiency

As manufacturers, it’s essential to boost production and efficiency to keep up with demand while maintaining high safety and quality.

Manufacturers must be prepared with creative solutions and the right tools and accessories to maintain manufacturing processes and operations around the clock. This includes creating organized workstations that cater to operators’ needs and providing them with the tools to do their job well. With the right planning and set-up, paired with a motivated and properly equipped staff, your manufacturing plant can run smoothly.

The final aspect is the accessories you select for your manufacturing plant. It’s essential to consider the type and quality of tools, as they impact productivity and efficiency on the manufacturing floor.

To help you with this step, we’ve compiled a list of the five best accessories to help you boost productivity and efficiency.

1. Tool Balancers

Tool balancers are designed to hold hand-operated tools in a pre-set position. This helps to minimize the effort required by the operator during use of the device. They are used in many settings, usually when heavy, hand-held tools are needed.

The two main types of tool balancer are Retractors and True balancers (also referred to as Zero Gravity Balancers? Retractors build up tension on a spring and raise the tool up once released. True balancers maintain the same cabe resistance through the entire stroke. Tool balancers are handy accessories that make tools almost completely weightless and offer several excellent ergonomic and safety features that reduce operator risk and fatigue.

They are also useful in protecting the tools themselves, reducing their chances of being dropped and reducing the risk of tool damage. Other key features of tool balancers include:

  • Easy access to tools
  • Assistance with repetitive tasks
  • Equipment remains suspended to avoid tripping hazards
  • Improved production efficiency and accuracy
  • Stabilization of tool positioning reduces the need for operator motion

We offer the best quality and reliable tool balancers, which keep your tools at the ready and your workspace clear. Our balancers are extremely easy to use and install.

2. Torque Arms

Torque reaction arms are commonly used in manufacturing environments designed to absorb the torque that is generated during the process of tightening a fastener. Torque arms also help to balance the weight of the tool allowing it to glide almost effortlessly around the workstation. .

Essentially, torque arms are designed to counterbalance tool weight as well as absorb the torque reaction. They are an excellent ergonomic solution for operators that prevent errors in the fastening process and provide more consistent results.

Our ERGO Articulated and Linear models boost productivity and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries to operators. The POSITX-3D torque arm positioning system can enable and disable a tool based on its position in 3D space. This innovative technology has user-friendly software that allows easy programming of specific tightening sequences and multiple parts, allowing operators to switch between them seamlessly.

3. Manual Torque Screwdrivers

Torque screwdrivers are tools with unique components that ensure tightening to the specified torque. The specified torque must be achieved to avoid insufficient or excessive tightening. Excessive tightening can lead to cracks and damage to the product. In contrast, insufficient tightening can cause a fastener to come loose over time due to vibrations or other movements.

Operators utilize a torque analyzer to preset the torque screwdriver to the required torque value, and this adjustment cannot be tampered with. During assembly, the torque screwdriver disengages once the preset torque value is achieved.

4. Tool Holsters

Having to put down your work and fumble around looking for your tool is time-consuming and inefficient. Now consider that tool being available in an organized holster. Tool holsters can be used to organize the workstation and keep tools at an arm’s reach, avoiding wasted time and energy during assembly.

Tool holsters come in various shapes and sizes, based on the types of tools they are designed to carry. We offer a variety of screwdriver holsters for electric screwdrivers. They provide an excellent alternative for situations in which a tool stand and a balancer cannot be used and allows you to keep your screwdriver at the ready.

5. Screw Presenters

Fumbling through numerous bins and trays to find the correct screw required for the assembly process is hugely inefficient. However, this whole situation can be remedied with the help of screw presenters, which improves efficiency. Screw presenters mechanically present the required screw at a fixed pick-up point, which increases the speed of the assembly process and reduces the risk of errors.

Boost Your Production and Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are the keys to the success of any manufacturing facility. With the right techniques, attitude, and tools, a manufacturing facility can be transformed to optimize production and reduce waste materials, working hours, and energy.

At Delta Regis Tools, we are committed to offering the highest quality tools to combine efficiency, safety, and ergonomics into every product we offer. We want to help you build a safe and productive manufacturing facility with the right tools to help you get the job done.

To learn more about accessories that can boost your production line’s efficiency, call Delta Regis Tools at 1-888-733-3142 contact us here.

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