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Tool Balancers: How to Pick the Right One

How to pick the right tool balancer?

A well-balanced tool-holding assembly is key to ensuring the consistency and reliability of any tool that you’re running in your facility, which in turn increases productivity and extends your tools’ lives. There are different tool balancing systems available. Each facility needs to find the right tool balancer for their specific assembly applications, with sufficient options […]

The Importance of Tool Balancers

Why are tool balancers important?

To enhance productivity and accelerate time-to-market, manufacturers need to find ways to improve their assembly processes. This can be achieved by maintaining a tidy, organized, and ergonomic work area. Improving the safety of your workforce by reducing or eliminating their exposure to awkward postures, large forces, heavy lifting, and repetition can also boost productivity by […]

5 Ways a Torque Arm Can Improve Safety in the Workplace

How does a Torque Arm improve safety in the workplace?

Manual work in a technical field typically involves a lot of repetitive actions using hand-held pneumatic or electric tools. Performing these tasks every day can cause fatigue, which increases the risk of errors such as incorrect positioning, causing a light tool to feel heavier by the hour. Combined with the torque reaction from the tightening […]