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How to Improve Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing

How to Improve Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices sold in North America are subject to the highest standards and requirements in the world. Medical device manufacturers need to adhere to guidelines during every stage of the process, from registration to labelling. In addition to this, inspections by officials are regularly conducted to enforce these regulations, and manufacturers are subject to steep […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Tool Balancers

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Tool Balancers

As a manufacturer, you’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce turnaround time while keeping working conditions safe and comfortable for your workforce. Just because a tool might feel lightweight, it doesn’t mean that constantly lifting it and making repeated motions each day won’t impact you or your operators’ health over time. Repeated […]

How Quality Torque Tools Can Improve Productivity on the Assembly Line

How quality torque tools can improve productivity on the assembly line

Assembly lines are fast-paced environments involving humans, robotic technology, tools, materials, and other machines or equipment. Introducing ways to help increase the production speed along the assembly line can help boost overall productivity; however, it’s crucial to ensure that product quality isn’t compromised in the process. Improvements along the assembly line can be made in […]

How Torque Arms Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

How torque arms can reduce workplace injuries

In manufacturing, workers are faced with a range of different tasks that involve various body movements and levels of physical work. Creating a safe working environment is essential to the success of any manufacturing plant. Reducing workplace injuries and creating safe working spaces for all employees is an essential step towards increasing a manufacturing facility’s […]

What Ergonomic Improvements Can You Make in Your Manufacturing Plant?

What ergonomic improvements can you make in your manufacturing plant?

The health and safety of all employees are essential to improve productivity and efficiency in any workplace. Manufacturing plants are no exception to this. Managers must ensure that their workers are not at risk of exhaustion or injury and don’t work in a dangerous environment. Manufacturing workers perform various motions, including pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, […]

Limited time 15% discount available on our brand new ERGO-L Linear Torque Reaction Arms!!

Delta Regis Tools is pleased to be offering a very special limited time discount on our new lineup of ERGO-L Series linear torque reaction arms! The ERGO Elite Series of torque reaction arms combine lightweight aluminum with a robust mechanical design to bring next level comfort and functionality to the workstation. The dual true balancer […]

Why Torque Verification Is Necessary For Your Assembly Power Tools

Importance of torque verification for assembly power tools

An assembly line is a fast-paced, organized, and efficient set-up, involving a combination of humans and machines, completing a series of repetitive motions. Power tools are an important component of the assembly process and should be appropriately calibrated to ensure that they function correctly and produce consistent/accurate results. Torque is a measure of the force […]

What to Know Before Getting a Torque Tester

What you need to know before getting a torque tester.

Torque is the measurement of the force that can cause an object to rotate about its axis. Understanding and measuring this force is important in several industries, including manufacturing. Although it may seem minor, the measurement of torque should not be neglected. It can lead to the selection of incorrect torque measuring equipment, which is […]

Adding Digital Positioning Capabilities to Your Manufacturing Process? Here’s What You Need to Know

Adding Digital Positioning Capabilities to Your Manufacturing Process? Here's What You Need to Know

The digital world has slowly made its way into each industry, with the manufacturing industry incorporating its share of changes and updates. Many of our everyday processes, traditionally completed by hand, have been replaced with digital and automated processes. Manpower and energy have been funnelled towards more productive tasks, while automated processes and SMART technology […]