What Is a Screw Presenter?

What Is a Screw Presenter?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to optimize your assembly, a screw presenter can be the ideal solution for you and your operators and at a very low cost. Screw presenters are useful for the automatic presentation of fasteners to allow operators to quickly pick them up with handheld or stationary screwdrivers.

Screw Presenters Improve Efficiency

By design, screw presenters are easy to use. They replace any open bins operators use to store their screw supply while they work. With a screw presenter, the only thing an operator has to do is touch the tip of their tool to the screw being presented, turn, and then fasten it into the appropriate location. 

With a screw presenter, operators never need to waste time fumbling around orentating and placing screws during the assembly process. This can increase productivity by up to 50%. The screw presenter is designed to simplify the fastening process for operators and robots.

Use the following tips to help you choose the best ways project managers and engineers can implement screw presenters to maximize production and success.

Would a screw presenter help make your product?

Asking yourself this question might seem like a no-brainer, but you should make sure that adding a screw presenter into your assembly line has value. Sometimes, the addition of a screw presenter won’t necessarily improve your assembly line in a significant enough way, depending on the product you are building.

For example, screw presenters can present large numbers of the same screw to a fixed point, but what if your product needs four screws of various sizes? In this case, you would need to figure out if it is feasible to install multiple screw presenters in the same workstation . Although it may  speed up the process exponentially, there may not be enough room to make it work.

In addition, a single screw presenter can help you produce a product that needs fifty of the same screws in a line if the most time-consuming part for your operator is picking up each screw, placing it and then installing it. A screw presenter would significantly help during this process. 

You can calculate the total benefit of a screw presenter using this equation:

Benefit = time savings/screw X number of screws

If the savings you expect cover the cost of investing in a screw presenter, then it is an excellent choice for your company.

Preventing Screw Fumbles with a Screw Presenter

During the fastening process, operators spend time fumbling with screws daily. The repetitive motions of picking up small screws or fasteners from a container can be fatiguing and tedious. This repetitive process impacts productivity and costs each day, with every single screw. These costs are unnecessary and can be avoided with the use of a screw presenter. For example, a tabletop screw presenter is usually small and compact and can fit in most places. It can be used to organize in addition to making the process more efficient. Screw presenters mechanically present a screw to a fixed pickup point. Screw presenters can be used in conjunction with almost any other assembly application and power tool. Compared with other methods, screw presenters are the least cumbersome and least expensive.

Screw presenters are simple to operate. The fasteners are poured into the hopper of the screw presenter and are automatically lined up for dispensing. Simplicity prevents screws from becoming jammed or stuck. The screws will then be aligned along the screw-feeding rail, and one fastener is exposed, sitting in the bit guide. Once the screw is removed from the bit guide, another is immediately dispensed in its place for easy pick-up. Now, your operators will no longer need to sort through bins and fumble with screws.

Where should I place a screw presenter for maximum benefit?

A few factors must be considered to determine where to place your screw presenter for maximum benefit. Not only will you want to make sure your screw presenter is being used efficiently, but you must also decide where on the workbench is the right position.

Consider the following:

  • The screw presenter should integrate into your assembly flow with little to no disruption.
  • It must be placed in a position that is easily reachable by your users.
  • It should be easy to refill and maintain. 

Regardless of whether you work in a line, cell or a combination process, you should be placing your screw presenter in a convenient and accessible location. Also, make sure it is somewhere it can be quickly refilled and maintained easily, as you don’t want to start to bog down the process and waste time each time you need to refill. Keep ease of use in mind when you are placing your screw presenter system.

With a screw presenter, you can make the workplace safer and more efficient while increasing  accuracy and precision. Automatic screw presenters can increase your assembly speed dramatically. You can help your assembly process move 50% quicker than if you used open bins or shaker trays. However, it is still essential to identify the places in your assembly production line where a screw presenter can help the most. It is vital to take care when designing your screw supply process. That will help you get the most out of your investment. 

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