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Zero Gravity Tool Balancer

The DR-TB Series Tool Balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain. High quality springs and bearings along with a tapered drum allows smooth cable travel throughout the entire stroke. All high capacity DR-TB Series tool balancers also include an auto break safety mechanism and manual drum lock to help ensure operator safety.

DR-TB Series Tool Balancers offer true zero gravity

Delta Regis durable zero gravity tool balancers provide true balance and easy handling for operators that work with tools for long, continuous hours. Zero gravity balancers allow tools to be positioned over the workstation for comfortable operation with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or other power tools. Delta Regis offers an assortment of ergonomic zero gravity tool balancers.

  • When picking appropriate Zero Gravity Tool Balancer make sure to factor in weight of the total load to be suspended (tool + hose + any other attachments/accessories)
  • If the total weight is in between the maximum capacity of one model and the minimum capacity of another, it is better to select the larger capacity model