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Welcome to Delta Regis, home of the innovative Transducerized Torque & Angle Control System.
Our cutting-edge technology combines precision, efficiency, and reliability to bring you the ultimate solution for torque and angle control in your assembly processes.
Whether you’re looking for electric inline screwdrivers with angle encoders or a comprehensive torque and angle control system, we have you covered with our ESL-XTA Series and XTCA products.
ESL-XTA Series: Transducerized Electric Inline Screwdrivers with Angle Encoder
The ESL-XTA Series represents the pinnacle of precision and control in electric inline screwdrivers.
These transducerized screwdrivers are equipped with advanced angle encoders, allowing you to monitor both torque and angle during the tightening process.
With the ability to precisely measure the angle of rotation, you can achieve unparalleled accuracy and consistency in your assembly operations.

Key Features: Transducerized Control: Our screwdrivers feature built-in transducers that convert mechanical torque into electrical signals, providing real-time feedback for precise torque and angle control. Angle Encoder: The integrated angle encoder accurately measures the rotation angle, enabling you to achieve specific torque and angle targets with exceptional repeatability. Torque Verification: The ESL-XTA Series allows you to verify the applied torque, ensuring that your fasteners are tightened to the required specifications, minimizing the risk of under or over-tightening. User-Friendly Interface: The screwdrivers are designed with a user-friendly interface, featuring intuitive controls and a clear display for easy setup and operation. Ergonomic Design: Our screwdrivers are ergonomically designed for comfortable use, reducing operator fatigue and improving overall productivity. XTCA: Transducerized Torque & Angle Control System For more comprehensive torque and angle control requirements, our XTCA system is the ideal choice. This system combines our transducerized electric inline screwdrivers with advanced control electronics, providing enhanced functionality and flexibility for your assembly processes. Key Features: Multi-Channel Capability: The XTCA system supports multiple screwdriver channels, allowing simultaneous control of multiple screwdrivers for efficient assembly line operations. Advanced Control Electronics: The system's control electronics enable precise torque and angle control, offering programmable tightening parameters, multi-step tightening sequences, and data logging capabilities. Integration Capabilities: The XTCA system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing assembly line or automated systems, facilitating a smooth transition and maximizing productivity. Process Monitoring: With real-time data acquisition and monitoring capabilities, the XTCA system provides valuable insights into the tightening process, allowing you to optimize your assembly operations and ensure consistent quality. Connectivity and Communication: The system supports various communication protocols, enabling easy integration with your plant's network infrastructure and allowing for centralized control and monitoring. At Delta Regis, we are committed to delivering superior torque and angle control solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Our Transducerized Torque & Angle Control System, including the ESL-XTA Series and XTCA products, offers unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability, empowering you to achieve optimal assembly results. Experience the future of torque and angle control with Delta Regis today.