Delta Regis offers a comprehensive range of high productivity assembly screwdrivers.

Electric Screwdrivers

Ergonomically designed and built to last. Delta Regis Tools Inc. has the widest torque range available for precision electric screwdrivers and assembly screwdrivers with torque control. Increase efficiency and reduce down time with clean powerful brushless motors. ESD Safe housings available for added protection on electronics assembly applications.

Cordless Electric Screwdrivers

Delta Regis Tools offers a wide range of production & assembly cordless electric screwdrivers. The use of our proven precision automatic shut-off clutch technology in our inline, pistol grip and nutrunner models offers the best torque control available in a cordless tool.


Delta Regis Tools provides some of the best quality adjustable and preset manual torque screwdrivers in the market. Manual torque screwdrivers are an excellent options when assembly requirements call for the human touch.

Latest products on sale


Electric Torque Screwdriver

(0.49-2.45 Nm)
(4.4-21.6 in-lbs)

267.75 USD

Electric Torque Screwdriver

(0.05-0.7 Nm)
(0.44-6.1 in-lbs)

198.90 USD

Electric Torque Screwdriver

(0.98-3.4 Nm)
(8.8-30 in-lbs)

293.25 USD

Electric Torque Screwdriver

(1.47-4.41 Nm)
(13.2-39 in-lbs)

301.75 USD

Electric Torque Screwdriver

(0.20-1.47 Nm)
(1.8-13 in-lbs)

198.90 USD

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