5 Top Benefits of Screw Presenters in Manufacturing & Parts Assembly Feedback

What are the top benefits of screw presenters in manufacturing & parts assembly feedback?

As we move forward into the future, technological advancements are simultaneously progressing and evolving in all areas of our lives, with assembly plants being no exception to this. Older machinery is continuously updated and reconfigured to meet the needs of a new project. Regardless of the type of project, or the machinery required, the most important goal is always efficiency and how it can be achieved. In automated assembly plants, the assembly process is streamlined to increase efficiency and reduce the time involved at each step of the process. One way to help save time and energy during the assembly process is to use automatic screw presenter machines.

Automatic screw presenters, like the ones sold at Delta Regis Tools, are beneficial in the manufacturing process, offering the capability of screw presentation to human or robotic assemblers. In a manufacturing project that requires the repeated delivery of a large volume of screws in a fast and safe way, automated screw presenters can be an excellent way to do just that. With the introduction of an automatic screw presenter, you can improve the efficiency of your assembly process. This can be very beneficial in several industries. If you’re still debating whether an automated screw presenter is the right investment for you, let us share the top 5 benefits of screw presenters in manufacturing and parts assembly feedback.

1. Flexibility and accuracy

Different projects usually call for different types of screws, and in some cases, different screws, with varying measurements, are required for a single project. For this reason, one excellent benefit of screw presenters is the easily exchangeable parts, which allow screws of different measurements to be processed in the same screw presenter. Additionally, even screws with undesirable measurements can be presented using an automated screw presenter.

Projects involving assembly require a significant amount of detail and accuracy, coupled with a rapid pace of production. Utilizing the incorrect screw can be detrimental to the integrity of the product or device as a whole. Luckily, automatic screw presenters will only present the correct screws to human workers or robotic assembly arms, which removes the possibility of incorporating the incorrect screw. This level of quality control ensures that each product or device that is manufactured is quality guaranteed and correctly assembled with no rework required.

2. Swift, gentle, and efficient movement of screws

A project involving screws can be completed with the greatest ease when the process of screw presentation is smooth, swift, and quiet. A two-lift segment transports the screws in the presenter in the screw-reservoir. After, it falls on top of a vibrating guide-rail. It is then accurately positioned with the help of a brush and easily transported out of the reservoir.

Screw presenters can combine the swift, gentle, and quiet movement of screw presentation with the speed and efficiency of delivering screws at a rate of two per second. The automatic presentation of screws is significantly more efficient than manually sorting through bins of screws or shaker trays, and the improved efficiency can cut costs overall.

3. Self-sufficient device

An integrated control system allows for self-sufficiency in the screw presenter. With the help of a light-barrier and a micro-switch, the supply of screws is regulated by the sequence controller.

4. Easy to use for any project type

Trying to wrestle with complicated equipment can be an unnecessary waste of time, effort, and money. In many cases, the more complicated the machinery, the more intimidating it can be for users. Luckily, automated screw presenters are very simple and operator friendly. A special feed-rail allows a precise pick-up of the presented screw by either a magnetic bit or a vacuum.

Screw presenters are very versatile and can be reconfigured as needed to serve the needs of new projects. The ability to reconfigure an automatic screw presenter whenever a new project comes along is a helpful feature, especially in the consumer electronics industry. The consumer electronics industry, in particular, is rapidly evolving, and an automatic screw presenter that can be reconfigured to meet the needs of new projects is essential to keep up with the latest consumer electronics trends.

5. Compact Design

A clean and organized workspace is essential, especially if you’re trying to manage numerous complex projects in limited workspaces. Luckily, automated screw presenters have a very compact design and can be easily accommodated in small workspaces.

The traditional image of an operator fiddling through bins of screws to find the right one is certainly a thing of the past. Manual screw sorting increases the amount of time required to complete a single product or device, but it also increases the chances of making mistakes. Automatic screw presenters are great ways to help economically automate your production process.

At Delta Regis Tools Inc., we offer affordable screw presenters to help increase your productivity during all of your screw-driving applications. No matter what your project needs may be, at Delta Regis Tools Inc., we have the screw feeder model you need to get the job done right. Call Delta Regis Tools today at 1-888-473-6862 to speak to one of our representatives or visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer.

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