Introducing the POSITX-3D Torque Arm Positioning System!

Torque Arm Positioning System

Take your facility’s quality standards and error proofing to the next level with the POSITX-3D Torque Arm Positioning System.

Paired with any ERGO Series positioning torque arms, the tools position in 3D space is fed digitally from positioning encoders mounted on the on the torque arm directly into the POSITX-3D. This allows the tool to be enabled and disabled based on its position.

With a large 7” HMI LCD touch screen and extremely user-friendly software, you are able to easily program specific tightening sequences, store multiple work pieces or assembly stages and flip between them on the fly.

Import image files of your work piece and tag desired fasteners. This visual feedback allows the operator to know exactly where they are in the assembly process at all times and will disable the tool if not in the correct position. This helps make sure the work piece is assembled according to specified quality control standards.

Be sure to check out our quick video to see the POSITX-3D in action!

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