Why You Should Choose a Screw Presenter

Why do you need a screw presenter?

Understanding the correct tools you require to meet the needs of your projects, knowing your options, and staying within your budget is the best way to equip yourself with the right equipment to get your job done. There are many tools and accessories to choose from, and sometimes you may be left choosing between tools that offer a similar range of benefits and capabilities.

The screw presenter, for one, is an excellent addition to the assembly process. They help improve the process by mechanically presenting the required screws to a fixed point for pick up by a human or robotic arm. With the help of screw presenters, you no longer have to spend valuable time fumbling through bins of screws, which helps decrease your chances of making errors in your work.

Screw Presenters

  • What are they?

    • Screw presenters are the solution to large trays or bins of screws. With the help of a screw presenter, you will no longer be required to fumble through and find the right screw during the assembly process. Sorting through screws and placing them on the screwdriver manually can be frustrating and can be solved with the use of a screw presenter. Screw presenters can help improve the efficiency of the assembly process by mechanically presenting screws so that way there is always a screw ready for pick up.
  • How do they function?

    • Screw presenters transport the correct screws to the fixed point by two-lift segments in the screw reservoir. The screw falls on top of a vibrating guide rail and is positioned by a brush and then transported out of the reservoir.
  • Advantages of Screw Presenters

    • Screw presenters have a compact design to fit easily into workspaces without cluttering the workspace.
    • They can deliver up to two screws per second, as compared to a human or robotic operator. Therefore, screw presenters help improve the efficiency of the assembly process by saving time wasted on the screw finding process.
    • Aid in saving time for manufacturers and increasing repeatability.
    • Screw presenters help reduce costs and time required to correct potential errors in the assembly process by ensuring that only the correct screw is presented.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Screw Presenter

Though screw presenters offer many advantages and are definitely worth the investment, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing one. Some questions you can ask yourself include:

  • How big are the screws that you’re using in your assembly line?
  • How will you handle maintenance after you’ve bought the screw presenter?
  • Is everything automatic, or will you need an employee to specifically operate it?

Not only should you ask these questions, but you should also think about what types of screws you’ll be putting through the screw presenter.

Do any of them have special coatings on them? As well, what level of automation will you need for your machine? For a small assembly line, you might not need it to be fully automated to save time. However, for a larger assembly line, you might want to invest a bit more into a fully automated screw presenter to truly maximize your efficiency.

Finally, you should consider where you’re getting your screw presenter from. Is it local, or is it from somewhere far away? Shipping costs can add up, so it’s important to take this aspect into consideration as well before purchasing from just any company.

Why You Should Get a Screw Presenter

You may be wondering how a screw presenter can help to automate your assembly process and provide the best return on your investment. Screw presenters offer greater flexibility, and most have interchangeable tracks that allow you to change from one screw size to another easily. If you require the regular swapping of screw types, screw presenters would be greatly beneficial to your manufacturing process.

The efficiency that a screw presenter provides your business not only saves you time, but it saves you money as well. Having a screw presenter can, overall, increase your profit margins. As well, the better your assembly line gets at producing products, the more orders they can take on. Investing in a screw presenter ensures that your company can continue to expand and grow.

Where to Get Your Screw Presenter

Tools can be extremely helpful when they are used in the correct way to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. Conducting a little research to learn and understand the best tools suited for your needs will not only help you get the job done right but give you the best return on your investment. At Delta Regis Tools Inc., our team of friendly professionals understand tools and are dedicated to helping you find the right screw presenter.

Whether you are new to the world of tools or a seasoned expert yourself, Delta Regis Tools is your one-stop for all your assembly needs. Call Delta Regis Tools today at 1-888-473-6862 to speak to one of our representatives and find what you’re looking for, or visit our website to explore the screw presenters we have available.

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