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Why Assembly Lines Still Need Humans in the Wake of Robots

Why Assembly Lines Still Need Humans in the Wake of Robots

There is no denying that the world around us is progressing forward with great leaps and bounds, with astonishing technological advancements designed to assist humans or ease the work burden. Robotic workers in manufacturing facilities have been tasked with many physically strenuous jobs such as heavy lifting and repetitive tasks to allow human workers to […]

How to Reduce Errors in Your Assembly Line

How to Reduce Errors in Your Assembly Line

Mistakes can happen, and errors are no stranger to the world of manufacturing. The more advanced and technological the manufacturing process becomes, the more apparent human error appears. Although eliminating all manufacturing errors may not be a realistic option, there are ways to reduce the number of mistakes on the assembly line. Aiming to minimize […]

Essential Industrial Tools and Solutions for Your Facility

Essential Industrial Tools and Solutions for Your Facility

Tools are essential components of the manufacturing process, allowing workers to assemble a product efficiently and effectively. However, the process of selecting the right tools isn’t always straightforward. Although there are numerous options available, there are some essential industrial tools for all types of facilities. If you’re in the market for tools, we are here […]

Design for Assembly Lines: How to Keep Operators Happy and Productive

How to keep operators happy and productive in the assembly line?

A happy worker is a productive worker; in the manufacturing industry, how an assembly line is designed can significantly impact the operators. There are several ways to optimize your assembly line’s design to help keep operators happy and productive, and we’re here to help you walk through some of these design tips. Decrease Clutter and […]

5 Accessories That Help Boost Production and Efficiency

5 accessories that help boost production and efficiency

As manufacturers, it’s essential to boost production and efficiency to keep up with demand while maintaining high safety and quality. Manufacturers must be prepared with creative solutions and the right tools and accessories to maintain manufacturing processes and operations around the clock. This includes creating organized workstations that cater to operators’ needs and providing them […]

Best Ergonomic Tools for the Assembly Line

Best Ergonomic tools for the assembly line

Ergonomic tools and equipment are a great way to start working towards workplace improvements and decrease stress and strain on human workers. That’s the best way to achieve high-efficiency and safety on your assembly line. Luckily, many different ergonomic tools can be introduced along the assembly line to ensure workers’ movements remain within a safe, […]

Common Production Line Problems You Can Avoid

What are the common production line problems and how to avoid them?

The production line is a highly fast-paced environment that involves repetitive and sometimes intricate motions. These assembly lines are where humans and machines come together to create various products and equipment, including automobiles, medical devices, and electronics, to name a few. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to safely increase productivity and efficiency along the […]

How To Prevent Injury And Promote Employee Safety At Your Manufacturing Plant

How to maintain employee safety at your manufacturing plant?

Places of work, as well as the type of work, can vary greatly, with some environments and types of jobs that pose greater risks than others. Irrespective of these differences, a workplace should be a safe environment in which all personnel can work comfortably and without fear of injury. As an employer, it’s important to […]

Why Torque Verification Is Necessary For Your Assembly Power Tools

Importance of torque verification for assembly power tools

An assembly line is a fast-paced, organized, and efficient set-up, involving a combination of humans and machines, completing a series of repetitive motions. Power tools are an important component of the assembly process and should be appropriately calibrated to ensure that they function correctly and produce consistent/accurate results. Torque is a measure of the force […]

How to Help Employees Who Have RSI

How to deal with RSI at the workplace?

Picture yourself completing a simple motion, such as screwing a lid onto a jar. Seems simple enough, right? Now picture yourself completing that same task repeatedly and continuously for hours. A previously simple task can now pose a danger for you, possibly resulting in repetitive strain injury, more commonly known as RSI. RSI — or […]