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Introducing the POSITX-3D Torque Arm Positioning System!

Take your facility’s quality standards and error proofing to the next level with the POSITX-3D Torque Arm Positioning System. Paired with any ERGO Series positioning torque arms, the tools position in 3D space is fed digitally from positioning encoders mounted on the on the torque arm directly into the POSITX-3D. This allows the tool to […]

5 Top Benefits of Screw Presenters in Manufacturing & Parts Assembly Feedback

What are the top benefits of screw presenters in manufacturing & parts assembly feedback?

As we move forward into the future, technological advancements are simultaneously progressing and evolving in all areas of our lives, with assembly plants being no exception to this. Older machinery is continuously updated and reconfigured to meet the needs of a new project. Regardless of the type of project, or the machinery required, the most […]

The Importance of Tool Balancers

Why are tool balancers important?

To enhance productivity and accelerate time-to-market, manufacturers need to find ways to improve their assembly processes. This can be achieved by maintaining a tidy, organized, and ergonomic work area. Improving the safety of your workforce by reducing or eliminating their exposure to awkward postures, large forces, heavy lifting, and repetition can also boost productivity by […]

5 Ways Industry 4.0 Can Benefit Manufacturers

How can Industry 4.0 benefit manufacturers?

Several decades after the emergence of computers and the associated automation in what marked the Third Industrial Revolution — or Industry 3.0 — the world is once again experiencing a transformation in every sector. This is brought about by the introduction of a smart, autonomous infrastructure that’s built on machine learning and data collection. This […]

5 Ways a Torque Arm Can Improve Safety in the Workplace

How does a Torque Arm improve safety in the workplace?

Manual work in a technical field typically involves a lot of repetitive actions using hand-held pneumatic or electric tools. Performing these tasks every day can cause fatigue, which increases the risk of errors such as incorrect positioning, causing a light tool to feel heavier by the hour. Combined with the torque reaction from the tightening […]