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Screw Feeder

Delta Regis Screw Feeder provide an affordable way to increase productivity in your manual or robotic/automated screwdriving applications. Boost production by always having the next fastener ready to be picked up and installed. We offer several models of Screw Feeder, depending on your particular requirements including robotics applications.

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The Cost-effective entry into the automation of your production

Delta Regis screw presenters or screw dispensers are ideal solutions. Screw presenters are well-suited for the automatic presentation of screws to allow pickup with handheld or stationary screwdriver. With a screw dispenser, the screws are removed manually.

  • Improve productivity
  • Screw dispensed for easy pick-up
  • Magnetic pick-up of ferrous screws
  • Precise vibration control allows feeding of many different screw types and sizes
  • Individual brushless driver motors for vibration and feeding
  • Auto shut-off of vibration/feed when not in use
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple service and set-up
  • Great value, very cost effective way to increase productivity
  • Small size, does not clutter work space
  • Includes AC adapter, set-up tools and shims