Screw Feeders for Assembly

Delta Regis Screw Feeders provide an affordable way to increase productivity in your manual screwdriving applications. We offer several models of feeders, depending on your particular need. Compare the features outlined below, then click on the series name or ‘view’ button for further details.

FastFeed 520 Adjustable Rail Series

The new Delta Regis FastFeed 520 Series screw feeder incorporates an adjustable rail to accomodate screw sizes from 1.0-5.2mm (#0-#10) thread diameter. It’s simple design, multiple adjustments, and competitive price make the DRFF520 the ideal choice for your production screw feeding requirements.

NSB/NJ Series

In addition to our new FastFeed 520 Adjustable Rail Feeder, we also still offer the NSB/NJ Series feeders with replaceable rails, as well as the Robotic versions of these feeders for vacuum pick-up and robot applications.